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Letter to Parents from the Chruch Nursery

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Essay Preview: Letter to Parents from the Chruch Nursery

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Dear Parents:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child into our teaching nursery. We want to do our best in preparing him for the future promotion to the next department in our Sunday School. We would like to have him attend every service possible for our main goal is to teach your "little one" as much as he can understand about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Children learn by repetition. It is our desire to teach your child through a total teaching program. This means that your child will be taught the Bible three different ways during each service.

After your child is greeted at the door by the nursery worker, he is taken to the Bag Center. He is helped as he makes a bag to take his crafts home with him. He then is taken to the Interest Center(teaching center) where he is taught the lesson of the month and during this time your child will pray as group and individually. The story is told with the use of large teaching pictures and made short and simple with a lot of expression in order to keep their attention. Songs are then sung using lots of motions with the workers singing along. The last center will be the craft center this where your child will make a craft that relates to the story he will hear and learn during the month. As some of the children are taking their turns at each center, the others are playing with toys and are supervised as they learn to take turns and to share with each other.

A short prayer will is said to thank the Lord for the refreshments. The children learn to fold their hands and bow their heads. Water and crackers are given to the children. They learn to stay seated while they are eating. Throwing their cups in the waste can is something we strive to teach them also.

Our goal is to teach, train, and maintain a healthy and happy atmosphere for your child so he will love to come to Sunday School. We are looking forward to having your child in our nursery and we pray that through our efforts, your child will receive Christ as his Savior early during his childhood years.

To God be the Glory

Nursery Coordinator



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