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Love Case

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Everyone has decisions about love to make, that is just how life is. We all hit a cross croad of sorts, and the effects of these can either make or break us. This is what was Bertrand Russell was discussing. This is what was happening in the essay. Those choices he has made have affected him and those around in many ways. I acknowledge that honor is having certainty in ones self and I think that's what people have lost.

Throughout their life they have struggled with morphing to his ever changing world. Love is a very unique topic, I would say. They choices were usually not the best, and the consequences of such were detrimental. They have a love. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, his life going according to plan, until he started drinking. This is where his life began to spiral out of control. His subtstance abuse was very bad and had enormous effects on his entire family. His alcholism got to the point where he was drinking instead of going to work to support his family; h e would choose the bottle before his children. There would be days where he was unheard of, because he had been on a major binge weekend at the bar and didnt feel that anyone would cre of his presence or to know where he was. He was not a fan of obeying the law, or of really anything a rational adult would be doing. At this point his family was going through a major struggle of their own. Their certainty that he would be there for them had gone down the drain. Once the honourable, rock of the family, was now just a plain old dumb family. His wife had to take up a job to compensate for his incompetence. His kids not regarding to him as a father, but perhaps a once was good guy turned a drinking lunatic. Life previous to this was forgotten and all that was noticed was his unreasonable behaviour. He tried to rebuild what he once had but he always had alcohol on his mind and just could not do it. Darren had lost all certainty in himself, and therefore lost his entire honor. In his mind he believed that the best way to restore his certainty in himself would be to pick up his life, leave everything that he knows and start all over again. The picture by Jan Saudek represents the end result when someone is faced with the struggle of trying to restore honor and certainty. This text suggest that one has to leave in order to restore the honor and certainty they one had. They also suggest that it may be easier to leave then trying picky up the pieces and rebuild what was once as one. I think this is what Russell's mind was set on. You need to feel certain in yourself in order to have honor so if you dont feel certain where you arem then you cant have honor. Russell has been more successful putting his life together in a new place, and he is getting better everyday. Sometimes a new surrounding can make all the difference, and this is why when it comes to makes the decision to stay or be off, most choose to leave.

We can either stay or try



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