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Love Case

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When i was fifteen years old I was diagnosed with diabetes. Everyday I would go to bed and have to use the restroom constantly, sometimes twenty times per day. It had became to the point of no return, To the point where I was no longer able to sleep some nights. Additionally, along with the frequent urination, I also grew to become extremely thirsty throughout the day, drinking anything i could get my hands on.

After almost three months of this mystery diagnosis, I finally decided that i had suffered enough, it became old very fast. I then called the paramedics for myself and they thought nothing but that I was slightly intoxicated. When I arrived at Moore Regional Hospital, the Doctors ran numerous test to find and decide the prognosis but nothing was successful. After long consideration, they finally took a blood sample, to come to the conclusion that my blood glucose level was staggering 985 mg/dL and still on the rise. I was then immediately airlifted to UNC Chapel-Hill Hospitals for further examinations and treatment. The final and most elevated blood sugar was measured at 1435mg/dL. With the normal rate being below 130 mg/dL for a diabetic and below 100mg/dL for a non-diabetic. My life was in great danger.

After almost three days in the intensive care unit, I was placed on the non isolated floor for children. It was a blessing to be able to be disconnected from machines and cords. Also, after not eating anything for 3 days, left only to munch on ice and drink water, I was finally fed a great amount of food for thought.

While on the childrens floor I learned how to do things such as, develop good eating habits, inject insulin shots, give medications daily and monitor blood glucose levels with a blood glucose meter. I am thankful to be alive today and without the help from god, UNC Hospitals and encouraging family members, I wouldn't be here today writing this paper to you. People fail to realize the long term and short term complications of diabetes and that it does not only blind, handicap, and disable you over time, it also can become fatal if left untreated and not taken care of.



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