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Love Case

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There are different kinds of love and demonstrating love, the one you feel for you family for example, you love your parents your mom and dad the ones who brought you to life that love you more than anyone in the world you are their life. They know you love them but to you show it right? Do you respect them, tell them every day you love them? There are lots of forms of showing love like, telling them you love them often, respecting them always, but words aren't everything actions show 123456 times more than your words... Cook them dinner, watch movies with mother, or sports with your father, go out and party don't always do what you want, do something they want to do, like going to their book club you don't really like. When you ,do something wrong apologize, and show your sorry, when they do something wrong and apologize just say it's okay everyone has bad days when the say thing they don't mean, don't stay mad at them don't keep hard feelings about anything just say what worries or bothers you straight.

The love you fell for your family most times isn't the same you fell for you mom or dad, but even though most people aren't with their family's every day, cousins, grandmothers, ants you shouldn't love them less call them everyday people don't have to see you to know you love them. The love you fell for you brothers or sisters, most times brothers love each other, their best friends and do everything together they depend on each other for most times, count on each other, tell secrets and have a big relationship with each other.

The animals, you can love you cats, dogs and they love you back even though they can't talk and tell you that you know it, you sleep with them in your bed you cuddle with them too, the dog is the men's best friend.

The love you fell for that special person, one or more than one time in your life you will find someone that just with a smile, just with a text just with some simple words will make you smile and make you day. Your stomach gets 'butterflies' and you start being happy all the time, you just want to be with that person all the time you cherish the moments, the kisses the hugs, when you sad the hugs you and everything just gets okay, he wipes out your tears and makes you smile. It's not the same love as the one you fell for you parents but you fell like there are your world, your everything, your life simply but never think they love you more than your parents they are the ones who love you the best, even though they don't show it sometimes, you are always in the heart no matter what your age you will always be or daddy's little girl, or mommy's little girl, they will always want to protect you every time, no matter what happens no matter with you do and how you error.



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