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The Love Case

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Essay Preview: The Love Case

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My love is more than a flower,

Even tho it does not seem so,

my love will never wither in the snow,

My flame will burn forever,

Even through accidents may pass,

I will creep into your palace and be your king,

your beauty awakens the heavenly angels,

Allowing the committed to stare and watch what does not behold them.

There is nothing to be afraid of,

Is it fitting for me to say that I love you?

Or my love is to haste for patience,

I am here to crowning your present, not doubting the rest.

But Love is a babe, that runs head to head and toe to toe,

To put love on a break to far tho will grow..

Beautiful eyes open across a pillow top,

It seems for this moment time will stop,

The earth slows and sounds wane,

A frozen moment without stain.

I Love when Your body is close to mine,

Our hearts beat close every time,

With your smile of sexy simple pleasure,

This moment I will love to last forever.

Some say the perfection of love is unattainable

For most things that can be explainable,

But in your arms and with your heart's affection

I have found a brief moment of love and perfection.

Show that you are at least a lizard, lest the children eat you, both in the dry and rainy season"

African Proverb.

Why was the narrative selected as the first area studied? Suggest its importance and relevance.

a. The narrative was selected as the first area studied because in Africa animals always tend to send message. You can always learn from animals. A lizard always change color and adopt to his surrounding by changing color. In other words, in order to survive you have to adopt to your surroundings just like a lizard. This is very important and relevant in today's time, especially with the crime, violence and economic crisis. We are admonish to change in other to survive.

Rhetoric is a ancient form powerfully used in modern times.



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