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Love Case

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House, money, beautiful girls, everybody thinks about it .They are all inspired by this greedy world. First when you were in your mothers' womb,did you think about it, did you imagine how big this world was? As soon as you were born, you wonder, saw that the world was bigger than the mothers' womb. Now, very soon as you started to walk around, you found that the world was bigger than your thought. The greed, needs, desires almost everything grows bigger. But, besides these there is one thing called love which can dominate the world with its power. The thing which emerges from the eternal part called the soul. Love can dominate all the human needs, greed and desires. Let us determine the degree of love from the mother to the child who is still in the womb though she has not seen her child. She has not only carried you but also had shared her foods for you. This was not just enough , she fought mentally and physically during her delivery to bring you safe and alive in this world.

This is not just enough to describe the word love and its power. You might have loved someone eternally. If someone slaps you, you don't be that much angry comparing to that someone slapped to whom you loved the most. It is because you care about someone without any greed. Can you go away from someone you loved the most? You cannot easily leave someone you loved most without any good reason. If there is no reason then you are just pretending to love. If you find some good reason that will certainly benefit your love then, may be you can do it. Everybody has some reason to live or leave.

Sometime you love someone but cannot tell them that you love. There might be the various reasons but I will say that you fear talking about it. May be your relation has gone well and think what will be the situation after you have stated your feelings. You also fear if some other might know and you did not want them to know. Can you really figure it out that when did you started to love someone. No it just like the difference between the air and wind. You realize there is air, a vital component in this environment for your existence when the wind blows. I mean that you realize that you are in love with someone when the intensity is high, just like wind to be air.

Love is not only the feeling or some kind of relationship. Beyond your thinking and understanding it is an ultimate interconnection between two souls. This can be between any two species in the nature. But their intensity levels are different. It is just like the pulse that hit your heart with higher frequency. There can be the love between human and the animals. In human and human also between father- mothers, father- son, father -daughter, mother -son, mother- daughter, and boy-girl. But the intensity of love between the opposite sexes is stronger in comparison to between same sexes in normal condition.

To say about the thing we call boyfriend and his girlfriend. You can love any one



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