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Media Assignment

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Media assignment

We live in a world where the media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc...) occupy an extremely important place in our lives. Whether the many hours most of the people spent in front of their televisions or in front of their computer, we are under the constant influence of these media and their effects on our lives is undeniable.

Today's world is characterized by the explosion of information materials, and means of communication. Not only the media can exploit any type of data, but still, the same information can be presented using multiple media. The whole can be released in a short time throughout the globe. But first, what does the term media refers to? In a broad sense, the media can be considered as instruments for transmitting and / or storing. Unlike natural forms of expression such as language, facial expression or body language, the media has a special tool: they are indirect forms of expression.

I will not say that Facebook (Internet) is my most preferred media because I don't have a Facebook account. I wouldn't even say that mobile phones are my preferred media because I'm using it only for necessities. But one of my most preferred media is photography. Business for some, passion for others and for all of us a simple way to record memories, photography has become, if we can believe a recent survey, the favorite pastime of many persons. Photography is an art where talent alone is not enough. As a musician, the photographer must speak with an instrument, the camera. Nothing is more common today than photography: it's a form of current image in the media or on billboards; it's also a practice massively prevalent in the population.

Our life is all about media. As it is shown in my media diary, two thirds of my days are spent in doing things with media. The media invade our lives. It is now omnipresent. In this new century, the social existence of man depends almost entirely on media. I can do everything with media. Every day, I am using TV to watch news, shows, or to pass the time (especially when bored); I use internet to be entertained, communicate with others, and learn things. Written media is also another form of media that I use a lot. I am reading books, magazines, or newspapers almost every day. Although television and radio are the main sources of information, they do not convey as many details and information as newspapers and magazines.

Using media in today's life doesn't have any limits and conditions. The media I am using each time determines either I am using it alone or with a group. If I am to take pictures with my camera, I prefer to do it alone because it helps me capturing the exact image I have in my mind without being disturbed. But when it comes to watching a film, I would rather be in group with my closest friends.

The great interest



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