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Media Freedom in Pakistan

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Essay Preview: Media Freedom in Pakistan

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The censorship deprived the media from the freedom of speech but reprieve came when another dictator Gen Pervaiz decided to loosen the reins.

Considered to be the biggest favor to a nation which had seen 20 years of state run news channel. Media Freedom is important for Pakistan as many cases such as the honor killings, steel mill & the Punjab bank corruption case, was brought to the forefront by these new channels. Media is keeping a check and balance on the government and the opposition party, showing a true picture of these leaders.

In a country like Pakistan, rich and the powerful consider themselves to be above the law but a free media is unmasking there unlawful activities and reining them and their unduly ways. People are aware of their Power; media has made them mentally strong and out spoken. Media provides a platform to the public to express themselves. Becoming a pillar of strength, the media is fast becoming the new face of accountability. The corrupt are kept under constant scrutiny.

A softer image of Pakistan is promulgated through the Arts & culture; it also is highlighting the key issues between INDIA & PAKISTAN at the same time allowing the media personalities to create a bridge between the countries.

Freedom brings responsibility. Media should understand its position and try to play its role in a positive manner.

Recent incidents while conducting interviews have led us to believe that media is not understanding the situation at the moment, Rather they are looking for a short way to increase their popularity. Media anchors are making huge salaries on the basis that they bring forth the truth and identify the culprits, but to be honest none of this is true.



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