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Millennium Development

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Arguments in favour of Millennium Development Goals

1) Factor of Development - MDG's has comprehensive and clear focus which

provide means for other organizations who are not member of MDG's that

pace the development of planet. For example, 60% of NGO's made MDG's as

a useful tool for describing their value for lobbying, fundraising,

monitoring their projects. (5)

2) Global Support - The various international organizations and powerful

nations such as OECD, World Bank, World Health Organization (WHO)

support MDG's in respect to projects, financial aid, global partnership etc.

For example, WHO and MDG's supported by United Nations Millennium

Declaration (2000), are working towards the tobacco control specifically in

poor nations.. World Bank has increased total debt forgiveness by $ 4.3

billion to Sub-Sahara Africa in 2003. (6) and (7)

3) Proven Track Record - MDG's has stumbled upon various successful

projects since its journey has started. For example, the annual international

death rate of children under 5 years has fallen from 12.4 million in 1990 to

8.1 million in 2009. AIDS infection has decreased by 17% in 2009 since

2000. Also, in India watershed management project established in five

regions has increased household income up to 66%.In Ethiopia, number of

people who could access to safe drinking water has augmented to 94% in

2008 from 60% in 1990. (8) and (9)

4) Multiple Benefits - Can boost economic growth , Reduce poverty , Family

planning programes produce tangible savings, Family planning enables

couples and individuals to achieve desired family size and improve family

well-being. , When women and men respectfully support each other on

reproductive health choices, families and communities benefits. (10)



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