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Mobile Cloud Application

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Abstract — with the growth of mobile and the rise of cloud computing applications the concept of mobile cloud computing (MCC) has a possible strategy for mobile services Users. MCC integrate cloud technology Mobile computing environment with the environment and take Since it is a big part of the discussion of the world Research forecasts that the number of Mobile Cloud Computing prospective customers 42.8 million (1.1% of total mobile users), growth 2008 (19% of total mobile users) to 998,000,000 in Despite the publicity, the mobile cloud reached by 2014 Computing, mobile cloud computing growth Customers are still below expectations. According to A recent survey conducted by the International Data Corporation, it is the managers and CEO's Interested in launching this type of service for example, these disadvantages (battery, Storage and bandwidth) the environment (ex: Heterogeneity, scalability, and availability), and Security (ex: Reliability and confidentiality). Despite the

Various attempts to overcome this, a number of Gaps and challenges still exist Mobile cloud computing security. This

This paper will provide an overview of the various challenges

Fields and measures to overcome them.

Keywords— Cloud computing; Mobile computing;

Virtualization; Offloading.


Mobile devices (ex: Smartphone, Tablets) are gradually becoming an essential part of Human life as the most effective and useful Communication tools not bounded by time and place. Mobile users collect rich experience of

Various services from mobile applications, which run on the devices and/or on remote servers via wireless networks. The rapid growth of mobile computing (MC) becomes a dominant trend in the development of IT technology as well as commerce and industry fields. However, the mobile

Devices are fronting many challenges in their resources (ex: battery life, storage, and bandwidth) and communications (ex: mobility and security) [1]. The limited resources significantly

Delay the development of service qualities. On the other hand, improvements in the field of network based computing and applications on demand have led to an explosive growth of application models such as cloud computing, software as a service, Community network, online store, and so on. When a

Main application model in the Internet age, the term cloud computing (CC) was an important subject of scientific research and Industry people since of 2007. Usually defined as cloud computing Range of services by providing a

Internet-based cluster system. These cluster systems includes a set of low-cost or personal servers Computer (PC), which organizes the various resources A computer in Management strategy and the secure, reliable, Prompt and transparent as

Data storage and access to the client computers. With the explosion of mobile applications

Where in the DC-support for various services for mobile users, mobile cloud computing (MCC) approved cloud computing as an integration of in the mobile environment. Mobile cloud Computer the new types of services and to enjoy facilities for mobile users Cloud computing. The growth of cloud computing too fast, the mobile computing resources in the cloud classified virtualized networks and in a group a number of computers distributed, rather than in traditional local computer or server, and delivered to mobile devices such as smartphones, portable terminal, and etc.


A. Architecture for Mobile Applications in Cloud Environment:

We start our MCC with an open source project for mobile cloud platform called openmobster Its architecture is as shown in the Figure 1.

Figure 1: [4] The openmobster architecture for MCC

B. Typical services needed by a mobile cloud Client:

The most important services contain:

• Sync: This service synchronizes all changes done to the mobile or its applications with the Cloud Server.

• Push: This manages any state updates being sent as a notice from the cloud server. This advances the user’s experience as it does not need the user to proactively check for new information.

• OfflineApp: services which carries the management abilities to create smart coordination among low-level services like Sync and Push. It frees the programmer from the weight of writing code to actually perform synchronization as it is this service which decides synchronization management and mechanism which is best for the current state. The moment the data channel for any mobile application is established, all synchronizations and push notifications are routinely handled by OfflineApp service.

Figure 2 displays the client cloud stack.

Figure 2: [4] Client cloud stack

C. Typical services needed by a mobile cloud server:

Followings are the critical services that must be

Provided to the mobile apps by the server.

• Sync: Server Sync service synchronizes device side App state changes with the backend services where the data actually creates. It also must offer a plug-in outline to mobilize the backend data.

• Push: Server Push service monitors data channels (from backend) for updates. The instant updates are noticed, Matching notifications are sent back to the device. If the device is out of coverage or disconnected for some reason, it waits in a queue, and sends the push at the moment device connects back to the network.

• Secure Socket-Based Data Service: Reliant on the security necessities of the Apps this server side service must deliver plain socket server or a SSL-based socket server or both.

• Security: Security section provides authentication and authorization services to make sure mobile devices connecting to the Cloud Server are in fact permitted to access the system. Every device must be first securely provisioned with the system before it can be used. After the device is registered, it is challenged for proper credentials when the device itself desires to be activated. Once the device is activated, all Cloud requests are properly authenticated/authorized.

• Management



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