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Moderator Report

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Moderator Report

For the own-experience question, I asked: Frances Fitzgerald concluded that Americans ignore history and believe in the future as if it were a religion. Do you tend to dwell in the past or do you tend to move on?

For the opinion question, I asked: In August of 2010, a NYC commission approved the construction of a mosque near "Ground Zero," the site of the former WTC. A national controversy ensued over the proposal and the role of Islam in the attacks on 9/11. Do you see the mosque as a seed of peace or as an insult to Americans?

For the analysis question, I asked: It is undeniable that we bring our own histories to interactions, and this comes in the form of prejudice, racism, etc. However, when can an interaction between two different cultures improve their attitudes toward each other cultures?

All of my discussions went well and I found no negative examples.

One student brought up a personal example for the own-experience question, which I think brought out a great reflection. She went to beauty school for two years right after high school, but to this day "regrets not enrolling into a university right after high school." She comments that the past should not be ignored, because at one point that was a goal of hers and that she will "always look forward and learn from her mistakes."

I feel that my opinion question was a little controversial for some students but brought out the most interesting and deepest point of argument. I can quote one student saying that, "Americans for the most part, are still in pain and angry about what happened almost 10 years ago, but believe me, if you didn't loose a family member there, you couldn't even start to feel the hurt and pain even now. The potential building of this place of worship at this location could have been located anywhere in Battery Park, Brooklyn, or Manhattan. They choose a site that should have been left alone...they didn't...I hope and pray...that the residents find a way to stop this..." This student thought that building a mosque could trigger more pain in families that lost loved ones in 9/11.

However, another student thought the opposite. I can quote her saying, "A mosque near ground zero is without a doubt a seed of peace and an honorable one! As the world becomes more interconnected, we must try our earnest to co-exist. But then I question, can we ever truly co-exist in peace if many Westerners live on pins-and-needles when interacting with the Muslim community at large as to not offend them? We must always take steps in faith. I do believe if we extend our hand to the Muslim community more, they will do the same to us. We must grow together. A mosque near ground zero is a great start." This is a very positive, open-minded response.



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