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My Beliefs Essay

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My beliefs affect the way I live my life in many different ways. They affect how I dress, how I speak, how, I act, and how I treat people. In some ways I can be hypocritical. Such as when I say to Maddi that she looks just as pretty without makeup as with. That is hypocritical to me because I go around and wear makeup because I think I need it, even though I say you don't need it because your pretty on the inside and the outside

My beliefs on what I wear include that the way people will treat you depend on the way you dress and the way you look. Like if I were to dress up and look nice all the time people would be like, Oh well she must be so nice and professional. But, if I was to walk around like a slob people would go just of the bat thinking, Oh well she just looks horrible she's probably a horrible person too. I say this because thats probably what I would think. When people dress a certain way they, or they look a certain way they are automatically set on the way most people treat them. Some people can look underneath the cover but, most people find it to hard. If I think about it, I can get over the outside. On the inside some people can be beautiful but if you don't look deep you will never know the person.

The way I speak is the way I believe I should speak. If you go around cursing all the time all people are going to think is that you just have a really big mouth and don't know many other words. I believe that if you limit it you could seem like a normal person. I don't have to talk like a brainiac with giant words you would need a dictionary to spell. But, I don't have to use the limited vocabulary of a four to ten year old. I could add something new to my vocabulary.

The way I belief I should act is how I act. I belief that I should be kind but, not to back down about things. I watch my back and others around me too. I act like a civilized human being. I don't go running amok like a hare, but I'm no turtle either. I go on in a slightly civilized eccentric way called the way of Brianna. This is the way I belief I should act without anybody telling me its wrong.

I belief that as we were thought in Kindergarten of 1st grade that the golden rule is to treat people how you would want to be treated because in truth what goes around will come back around. This is the way life should be lived.

I live life the way life in my perspective should go on. I move through the crowd as one person. I don't follow the crowd, but I don't stay to far from the path God has planned for me. My life will be how I want live it. The people around me help me believe that I will do what I need to do in life and thats just how its going to be.

My religious beliefs rely mainly on what I have have learned. I know that God is watching over me and that he loves me. I also know that he will treat us as we shall need to be treated. I believe that he is strong and



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