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My Name Is Shrila - Personal Essay

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Hi everyone! My name is Shrila, and I know this is a hard day for many people. The fifth graders are moving on to middle school, after so many years at Portal. To me, Murdock-Portal is like a second home. I actually LIKE going to school. I know that when I get there, there will always be my amazing friends and teachers to brighten up even my dullest day. I have to thank all of the teachers who taught me everything I know now. Thank you Ms. Yuen, Mr. Hodges, Ms. McPheeters, Mrs. Yu, and last but DEFINITELY not least, Ms. Regosin. I want all of those teachers to know that without them, I couldn't have gotten this far. Portal is the best school I could ever go to. All of my great experiences were mostly in Portal. For example, Outdoor School was the best field trip that I had ever been on! Those 4 days were some of the best days of my life! That was the first time I had ever been in a camp, away from home. I learned about animals, plants, and how to appreciate Mother Nature. There are also some really fun events in Portal, like Family Fun Night, or Field Day. I know for sure, that I'm going to miss all of these things. Most of all, I'm going to miss all my friends and teachers. Murdock-Portal has led all of us this far, and now it's time to move onto the next section of our lives. Teachers, I'll definitely come back to visit! Fourth graders, get ready for next year! And finally, to all you "technically" 6th graders... GOOD LUCK IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! :D



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