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This I Believe - Personal Essay

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i was onced asked by a teacher "do you believe that black people feel insulted or pressured to leave up the black expections of todays soceity"- in more or less words. as i sat there wondering why in the world was i called on for a specified question that could have easily beeen genralized to everyone in the class but then again im only 1 of 2 african americans in the class so why not answer the question to the best of my abilites with extreme honesty after all i am in a humanties class. But 1st i had a question what exactly is the "black" expections of todays society. the answer was obvious ranging from early pregnancy and not finishing school to being loud and ghetto. at this point in time im very insulted at the thought at someone taking one look at me and seeing a black girl who will be on welfare by the time she is 18 and im only 16. im upset at the fact that anyone can easilt judge me by my appearance and refuse to answer a question that easily answered itself. i was insulted that someone could think that "black" people would would feel pressured to live up to or not to live up to those distrubting sterotypical assumptions. but my answer came out more intelletually theninsulted now that i am recalling the previous conversation.

my answer, i am black and because i am black i have to worry about people jugding me because of it. Our parents have instilled the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' since we were kids and yet it seems we do exactly the opposite, but i believe its human nature to judge people by their appearances, even though those looks can be decving. and even though some c an openly admit that they easily judge people by there clolthing or color of their skin some cant openly admit those judgments are taken to the next level once they judged looks, it continues to question the indivdual's intelligence , their presonaility, their eithics,and their morals. i am an african american female and i can easily say i have been judged very incorrectly for my appreance. what they see a small black girl who will probably make it no where in life, most likey become pregnant by the legal age of 18, drop out of highschool and not step foot on to a college campus maybe have one or two signifigant othera who will likey b involved in some type of legal activites from either domestic abuse tol the disprubtion of illegal drugs, maybe even work at a minuim wage job trying day to day life .then they g on to allow themselves to minimize me as the lesser human being by probablh thinking she maybe very low on intellegince since she hardly has a handle on her G.E.D ,no common sense , and personality wise she must be really loud, and ghetto, who does weave out of her one bedroom apartment for a little extra change. she has no ethics or morals. all these ridiclous sterotypical assumputions are far from the truth and nevr in a million years accuratly potray who i am a human being.



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