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Observation Essay - Camping

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Essay Preview: Observation Essay - Camping

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I have always loved camping from an early age, and every camping experience brings comes with new lessons and memories. Camping is also a very effective and efficient get away from the daily bustles and hustles of life and very good stress reliever. From my various camping experiences, I have also come to realize that camping helps me appreciate and get in touch with nature. This way, I am able to appreciate the small daily happenings such as a beautiful sunset, a blissful sunrise, as well as the overall beauty of nature. Among all the various camping places, Knoll Lake, in Arizona, is my favorite because it provides immense excitement and a unique opportunity bold with nature. However well you may know a forest, there is always something new to learn every time and new challenges to overcome. So, it is important to learn a few things about a forest that one has chosen as campsite, because forests can also be some of the most dangerous places to go camping. For instance, it is important to learn whether the forest is protected and the kind of wild animals that one is likely to find. This helps in preparing adequately, with the right camping equipment as well as assessing whether the particular forest is safe for camping. However, when a site is well chosen, there a wide range of things that I observe while camping in at Knoll Lake and here are a few of them.

From the serene environment crowned with amazing flora and fauna to the crispy fresh air, Knoll Lake has a lot to offer. When it comes to flora, trees are a must see since they are the epitome of every forest. The trees come in different sizes and shapes with some having extraordinary features. Some of these trees are as hard as diamond while others are as soft as a feather's or baby's touch. For nature and tree lovers, it will be easy to observe that indigenous trees have distinct features from exotic trees, which enables them to with stand even the harshest of terrains. Knoll Lake is also home to a variety of wild fruits, herbs and other plants as well as a variety of wild flowers. All these plants give a refreshing smell from their assorted aroma although I must confess that some of them can smell quite bad. Nature never disappoints when it comes to fauna. From very minute insects to the very large mammals, forests have a diverse animal life. The Buzzing of the insects, the chirping of the birds, and the howling of squirrels raccoons fill the air with unforgettable music of nature. Although not often seen large mammals such as Elk, and Deer, there a wide range of other mammals that encounter in a forest such as antelopes, squirrels, and hares among others. Forests are also a haven for an assorted bird life.

I often come across a river, streams, and Lakes while near Knoll Lake. This can be extremely fun especially when I am in the mood for water sports, with activities such as kayaking and white water rafting providing memorable experiences. I especially enjoy kayaking and canoeing on the lakes, because it is not only exciting but also leaves me with a feeling that I can accomplish almost anything. I also love swimming



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