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Poverty Essay

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Poverty is a big problem in development. Not only does it affect children in infancy, early childhood, early adulthood, to late adulthood. But Poverty affects us in three different ways. The most dangerous way is physically. Then next is cognitively. And last is socioemotionally. Poverty is a horrible thing that no one should have to go through.

Physically poverty poses a major problem. This is one of the main problems to me because poverty seems to not allow proper nutrition, leading to illness in all ages. Other things gained with poverty are hunger, malnutrition, inadequate access to health care, unsafe water, and lack of protection from harm. Once again this problem isn't only affecting children, but also people of all ages. Having a low income creates an increase in health problem is older people especially. Poverty rates have remained the same in older people from the 80s to present day.

Cognitively, poverty serves a negative image also. A child leading up to an adult being brought up in poverty would not seem to have a very good memory arsenal. With having a poor life, memory suppression would be a very commonly used weapon. Blocking out disturbing memories of their poverty filled lives would not allow them to remember memories in my eyes. Because, with the frequent forgetting for the best would somewhat lead them to forgetting memories without even planning on it.

Socioemotionally poverty is still a key problem. An infant exposed to poverty wouldn't experience the constant nourishment of an infant in a stable family. Upon reaching early childhood the child wouldn't understand how to be normal in everyday life. Other child would be sure to make them an outcast just because of the difference in social standings. Then poverty wouldn't create a well background for an adult to get a stable job which would carry them into elder years with no retirement to fall back on creating a poverty filled life with no social status, which leads to an alone state.

Poverty is a very horrible thing that should be taken head on. Not only for the health aspect but so that everyone is allowed a fair chance at having a fulfilled life.



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