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Proposal of Novel

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Essay Preview: Proposal of Novel

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                                                                                                                                                                Table of contents


  1. Background of the Study ……...................................................  
  2. Problem Formulation ………………………………………………  
  3. Objectives of the Study ……………………………………………  
  4. Benefits of the Study ………………………………………………
  5. Definition of Terms


  1. Theoretical Framework


  1. Object of Study
  2. Approach
  3. Procedure




  1. Background of the Study

                       It is doubtless to say everyone in this world wishes for happiness in life. But, reality is not is not always the same as what we want the reality to be. Life is not always about happiness and good stuff, as we will face various problems and difficulties, which may include family, jobs, friends, financial problems and the list goes on. Although we have already had great plans throughout our lives, something can always go wrong and consequently problem will occur whether in imaginable or unimaginable ways.

                   We cannot avoid the problems emerging in our life since we have no control of the fate. Whether we are ready or not, problems will come into our life. However, we must not be fragile or give up. Although this might be very hard to handle at first, we still have to continue our path in life, as we cannot stuck in the same place forever. We must move on and hold on to our path as this will strenghthen our effort to struggle harder. We must have a littlr faith in ourselves, and think that there is always a happiness behind our sorrow and we must find that joy since in fact sorrow exits to show the sweet happiness behind it, because there is always gonna be beautiful rainbow after a little rain. And all we have to do is struggling to manage with the problems and put some effort to make our dreams becomes a reality.

             A work of literature can potray human life experience as such since it is a reflection of human life. Literature is the expression of life throughout the medium of language.

             One of the author who presents her life experience in her work is Constance Briscoe. Her novel entitled Beyond Ugly tells us a story of a girl who struggles for life in a difficult and painful condition. Clare, as she is known, is beaten, abused and by bullied by her own mother during her teen life. Everything in her life has gone worse since her father, abandons his family. He leaves her wife, Clare’s mother, and only return at Christmas time with food and presents for his children.

             Her mother’s treatment towards Clare and getting worse and worse after her mother finds a new husband. She always abused Clare emotionally and physically also, Clare is also never given enough food to eat every single day and never have her gotten decent clothes before. This extremely bad treatments result on Clare’s anxiety, which makes her piss on the bed every night. This makes her mother’s treatment even worse than before because her mother is so pissed off. Being told “ugly” and “germ” results her in committing suicide. Her struggle for life begins when she has to earn money working in her early teens. Clare keeps struggling in her painful life.


  1. Problem Formulation

     In analyzing the novel, there are two problems related to the topic of the study. They can be formulated as follows :

  1. How is Clare, the main character, is described in the novel.
  2. How does Clare struggles for her better life.

  1. Objectives of the Study

             The objectives of the study is to find out Clare’s struggle for a much happier and better life as see in Constance Briscoe’s Beyond Ugly. Therefore, there are two problems to answer in this study. The first one is to find out  the characteristics of Clare, the major character, as revealed in the novel. The second one is to find out the reasons that cause Clare to struggle for a better life and how Clare managed to survive.

  1. Benefits of the Study

                    This study deals with Clare’s struggle for life as seen in Constance Briscoe’s Beyond Ugly. For me, the writer, I can learn some important values through this novel since it is a reflection of human life experience. This story teaches me to struggle and not to surrender easily even in the most difficult and horrible situation that I have to face. It encourages me to reach my dreams although some problems, including the terrible one may arise in my life. It inspires me not to just hold on to my dreams, but also to make it happen.

  1. Definition of Terms

It is important to clarify the meanings of some significant terms used in this study to avoid misunderstanding and to give clearer explanation to the everyone. For that purpose, some related terms are defined and presented as follows :

  1. Struggle

Struggle refers to a person’s effort to survive in dealing with difficult condition in her life in order to reach her dreams and have a better life.

  1. Better life

Better life means a condition which a person feels more comfortable in dealing with her problems.

  1. Character

Character is the person presented by the author to build story through his



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