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Reflection Case

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Throughout the process that we followed during the project, I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge. This project itself is one of those that actually helped me do sufficient research. I feel like I now know how to conduct research in a more efficient and helpful manner. This summer reading research project has helped me in various aspects. First, it gave me an insight on how working in large groups is not always easy. There are different challenges such as making yourself heard and your ideas valuable. Even if you may "fail" in getting your ideas and suggestions across, that does not mean give up. This project has also taught me the value of summer reading. It is not just a simple project where the teachers simply choose a book and go with it. Instead, they have to read the books suggested, research something that may be age appropriate for their grade level, and most of all, stick to one book that everyone or majority agrees on. Something else that was vital to the project was making sure that everyone did their work. Considering the fact that we were in a large group, we did not want to let one another down or be seen as the "weak link" of the group. We were pressured, but in a way of positively doing our work in adequate, "sophisticated" manner. Since the group was quite large, it surprised me that we all pulled together when it came to doing our work! I say this because we were in such a large group and mostly did things separately to later combine it and how well everyone did what they were assigned. It was easy to see that people have different ideas and ways in working, but if you communicate then things will pull through to something great!



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