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Reflection Case

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As far as I know myself, when it comes to negotiating, I am good at it but depending on the person/s involved. I think I am more confident to negotiate to those people who became a part of my life for a long time such as my family, relatives, close friends, and most especially, my best friend.

When I was in elementary and highschool, I have this self-confident to negotiate to all types of people I encountered especially to my classmates and team mates in sports. However, when I reached college I find myself in difficulties to negotiate to my classmates especially to my IMC classmates . maybe because they are so different from my classmates back in elementary and highschool since I concluded that my IMC classmates are more competitive than them - "Yung tipong hindi sila nagpapatalo. Yung parang hindi sila nakikinig sa opinion ko. Yung tipong gusto nila sila lang masusunod, yung ideas lang nila yung gagawin since they think that they are superior than me." Sometimes, I am asking myself if I am in the right course because sometimes I am having a hard time to negotiate to my classmates in IMC. I guess, I just need to be more self-confident and have this spirit to say all my ideas and stick with it - argue with it.

In general, I think I am good at negotiating and I have the potential to be a better negotiator because I believe that I have the characteristics that a good negotiator must have - having concern with the feelings of others, listening to the ideas, concerns, and opinions of others, prioritizing what will be the best for the group, accommodating, approchable, and many more. I believe that if I just develop my self-confidence more it will become more easy for me to negotiate to all types of persons even if I just met him once or the day of our negotiation since I know myself from being a person who can go along with different types of persons.



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