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Reflection Case

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In interviewing my interviewee, I learned a good amount about them. Also, I realized how they felt the same way about a handful of Biblical topics as I do. Not everybody believes that the words of the bible are totally trustworthy and sometimes I forget that.

When I asked my interviewee if they thought the Bible was a trustworthy historical document they replied quickly with a yes. When I asked why, she replied with an answer that somewhat stepped on my toes. She basically stated that she just totally trusts the Bible and has blind faith. When she said that, it made me think about how I probably would have said the same thing if someone were to ask me that same statement. Then I began to think about how that answer is probably not the best answer to respond with. Once I get to college, will blind faith be sufficient enough for me to maintain my trust in the Word of God? Will atheist college professors present ideas that will make more since to me than just simply having blind faith? This made me sit and think about how desperately I need to learn how to back up my beliefs. If I do not learn how to back up my beliefs, how will I ever be able to easily maintain a level of trust between the Bible and myself?

Another response I found interesting was one that followed the question, "Do you think Jesus' words in the Bible are true?". My interviewee stated that she believed the Bible got across the idea of what Jesus said, but she was not totally sold on the exactness of those words. At that moment, I wished that I could tell her what I knew about the validity of the Bible, but then I realized I do not know much about that topic myself. If there are different translations of the Bible, how can Jesus' words be exact when they are not the same in every translation. This made me think maybe my interviewee's response made more sense than I actually thought it did. I can easily understand why one would have difficulty believing that Jesus' words are not exact in the Bible. Then again, maybe the words slightly vary between translations, but Jesus' words are exact. I need to do a little bit of research to find out the answer to this, but that could eliminate my frustration in not easily trusting the exactness of the Bible, and maybe eliminate my interviewee's frustration too.

The last thing that made me really think hard in the interview was when I asked the interviewee why she thought the words of Jesus may not be exact in the Bible. She and I had completely different answers, and considering we were both raised the same way, in a Christian home, I found that a little interesting. She said that she had trouble believing that the Bible was correct word-for-word because it was not actually written by God, but written by people that were chosen by Him. She also said that she did believe the Bible could be some what dangerous if it were not to be God's exact words. She stated that, "God



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