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Reflection Case

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Reflection Paper

The place I am writing about is called Reedville. I have been a resident of this little town for 36 years. It is located in the state of Virginia, in the Northern Neck region. Reedville is a quiet town, east of a town called Heathsville. It is at the beginning of Cockrell Creek and a part of the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Reedville got its name from a Captain named Elijah W Reed, who came here from Maine. Reedville is famous for its menhaden fishing industry, in which, Reed was responsible in starting.

If you take a stroll around this little town, you will see that in most of the neighborhoods, the houses are built close together. There is a small post office that provides mail for all of Reedville. By side the post office is a building that housed the only doctor's office and dentist office. There is an old elementary old school that has been turned into apartments for the elderly. There is a place where tall beautiful trees use to stand, but is now a housing development. If you stroll on a little further, you will see a fishing dock where fishermen come to sell their catch for the day. At the dead end of this road you will see a restaurant called Crazy Crab. Most of the houses are on waterfront property, with a boat in the backyard or sitting in the water. There are still a lot of tall trees that look like they are touching the sky. When you pass this cluster of trees, you will see a place called Millionaire Row. On Millionaire Row you will find several large historical houses and some newer houses that have been built.

As you stroll on down the road, you will see the Fishermen's Museum. In the Fishermen's Museum you can find historical information, pictures and artifacts about the watermen of Reedville. There is a picture of my husband in the museum. He was a fisherman for over 30 years. If you want homemade ice cream, go to the ice cream parlor

called chitterchats. It use to be the local post office and next to that is a town's only bank.

If you move on to another section of Reedville called Fleeton, you will see one general store, still owned an operated by the same family. Even though this is a small community, you will see several Bed and Breakfast establishments, where many tourist stay when vacationing in this area. Fleeton road will carry you to Omega protein, one of the largest fishing industries in Reedville. Omega Protein provides jobs for many fishermen near and far. They also have the largest fishing vessels in this area. The fish caught by these vessels, are cooked and turned into protein additives, used in hair products, fish oil and fertilizer, to name a few. One of their customers is Tyson Foods.

On one street, there is a country store, a housing development called Reedville Manor, for people who are disabled. There



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