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Reputation Essay

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Reputation essay

In life today there numerous people that have different views on reputation. Reputation could be a desired thing to for people that worry about what people think of them. In a reversal view of reputation, some people don't care what people think about them and go on about their life being who they truly are. All throughout history athletes in sports are sometimes viewed by their reputation and what others think about them. With good reputation people will look up to them and follow them in their life to try to be like them, and a lot of athletes love that. Athletes with bad reputations are most of the time, very dis-liked. An example of that would be Terrell Owens, because people see him on and off the field smack talking and being cocky everywhere he goes and the majority of the people hate that and start to get mad when they see him because of his reputation. In my opinion reputation is an important thing to have in life. With a good reputation, one would be treated better by people, better liked, and go further in life. I say that because, if there is an opportunity in person's job where they can get a raise or move up from the position they are in, that person is more likely to succeed in that, than a person with a bad reputation. A person with a bad reputation won't get the opportunity to be in the same position as the other person with the good reputation because; they wouldn't be trusted as well.

Shakespeare writes "reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving" the significance of that quote pertaining to the play is that the line is spoken by Iago who is the villain to Cassio. Cassio at that time fallen into dishonor, causing Othello to dismiss him as an officer, and Cassio is devastated and cries out "Reputation! Reputation! Reputation! O I have lost my reputation!" In the part of the quote that says "reputation is an idle and most false imposition..", and Iago tries to convince Cassio is that reputation is an empty and entirely imaginary "false" thing. Also that many people who have a good reputation, haven't done anything to earn it, which is the "merit" part of the quote. Then "... without deserving" means that, many people who have lost reputation haven't done anything to deserve the loss of it.

The quote relates to my life in a similar way as it did in the story. In this quote I am in the same situation as Cassio in the book. When I was in 9th grade I played 9th grade basketball for the school team and was a starter too. Throughout the season I started 9 games straight but when i had 2 bad games in arrow I was in trouble of not starting. In the next game following from the two bad games I played in, I made a bad decision that made the coach very furious with me and sat me down. From there on out, I never started



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