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Research Paper on Healthy Eating

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Main services of the Accommodation department have been recently updated recently

Audio-visual Equipment


Guestroom equipment includes telephone systems, Radios, televisions, videocassette recorders (VCRs), and digital videodisc (DVD) players.

The room telephone with its red message light has undergone immense technological changes at Marriott Hotel Over the past few years. Now the telephone serves as a communication and room control system. The television, radio, heat, lighting level, and air conditioning can be controlled from one central console in Marriott Hotel. '' The telephone can be directly linked to the hotel's property management system, allowing housekeepers to inform the linen room and the front desk of the status of the room directly through the guest's telephone '' (J.A.Jones, 2007)


Televisions have changed over the years at Marriott Hotel .The televisions of today is commonly equipped with a guest-pay programming device that allows first-run movies to appear on the guestroom television. Gaining fast on the standard cathode-ray-tube television are the light-emitting diode and plasma flat-screen high - definition televisions that range from 30 to over 60 inches in size


The guest selects a film from the menu on the television, and it is automatically billed in demand are now found at Marriott hotel.

In-Room Refreshment centres

Modern guest rooms are stocked with sodas, juices, liquor, and snacks the minibar at Marriott Hotel. A number of companies lease the equipment to the hotel for a fee and /or a share of the profits. '' In - room refreshment centres range from manual systems to fully automated units''. (J.A.Jones, 2007)

Check in Online

Currently in a pilot programme Marriott hotel allow guests to check/in online before arrival and retrieve their room number. Marriott Hotel also allow guests to use iPods to perform check/in accept payment, and provide room key even before guest set foot in the front door

Guest Room Safes

A recent newcomer to the guestroom fixture scene is the guestroom safe in Marriott Hotel. There are two main varieties available monitored from a panel at the front desk, and if the hotel charges a fee for their use, the system can electronically post the charge to a guest's folio.'' Guestroom safes come wall-mounted and hidden inside nightstands and armoires''. (J.A.Jones, 2007)





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