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Responsibliity Project

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The Responsibility Project

The Responsibility Project

What could be happier than food? : Food that comes from your roots. It would seem that many of people, when starting a business, restaurant include, feel they can bring something to the world and the people who inhabit it. The family makes its own contribution to the community, society, and world. Many can say that a family's "gift", or contribution, to its society or community is a not like a one way street. Society test a family way of life and how it gives to it community. Family owned restaurant can give back apart of themselves as a larger whole to the community they serve. Many of these traditions revolve around uniquely prepared food. Most of us have several special recipes as well as cherished memories of the smells of cooking and preparing food with our families.

Family was one of the two things that Lidia Bastianich and her family brought when they came to America. To Lidia, food is more than something you just put on a plate: to her it is more of an art, inspiration, and of caring among other things. In the video of Liberty Mutual "Responsibility and the Arts: Lidia Bastianich. Lidia Bastianich is from the northeast of Italy and after the World War II, due to circumstances in the country in those times, moved to America. The importance of family is want drove her parents to come for a better life. It was in America that the family also decided to share their love for food. This was important because this was a form for the family to give back to the community and society. The food was more of a doorway for Lidia's family, memories of times before the War and of their beloved land they left behind. With the love of food ,respects to their home land, and wanting to show the American world what Italy was made of, family would opened their first restaurant in 1970: Lidia was 24 at the time(Liberty Mutual ,2012)..

When the restaurant (Bonialita) was opened, Lidia's family hired their first chief for their Italian Restaurant. Linda stated that while she watch with her young eyes how the chief moved within the kitchen, she could not help but notice one big issue. The chief cooked Italian-American meals and not the Homeland Italian she had gone to love as a child. She knew how her family ate at home, stating that her father would only cook Italian food that was made exactly like Italian meals. With this in mine, and her hard work within the kitchen itself, Lidia began to slow incorporate the atheistic Italian meals within the restaurant. The way she felt meals being cooked at home, meals should be brought to the customers of her family's first restaurant. As her ideas of family home cooked Italian meals in a restaurant business began to grow, Lidia decided to explore more. She rented a small building-small home--for a restaurant



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