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Responsiblity Project

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September 26, 2013

Rhonda Waters

The Responsibility Project

April 26, 2008 a women's softball game between Western Oregon College and Central Washington University had its turn of events. The Washington wolves down by 2, with 2 outs in the 9th inning, had everything riding on one motivated and focused women. She came to the plate and had a rough start to the pitch count, but kept her composure and focus and continued to stare down the pitcher, and wait for the right pitch. As the pitch was released from the pitchers hand, the Wolves batter patiently waited and decided that it was the pitch she was going to go after. As the ball came across the plate, the wolf's batter swung and connected with the pitch and immediately knew it was a home run. The crowd goes wild; she feels the excitement of that one swing winning the game for her team. The Washington Wolves player starts to round first base, she takes a nasty spill and realizes she is hurt. Her coach and team come running to see if she is okay. The dilemma is if she can't round the bases she can't get credit for the home run. Next the most unexpected thing happened, the pitcher and second baseman from the other team started to help carry the girl around the bases, even know the other team would lose the game, they helped the batter to success, and amazing sign of generosity, kindness , and selflessness.

In society today many people are so engaged with his or her own life that he or she often overlooks the needs of others deep down the community and are not concerned with doing the right thing when pertaining to helping others. A single act of kindness to lend a helping hand to someone in need can equip a person with a greater self-worth and a sense of belonging. The thing of intelligence in this paper is the importance of helping others within one's own community. The first topic of sermon will explain why the issues in the film are important. The next topic of discussion will explain the roles foreign pressures construct in influencing organizational ethics. The last topic of discussion will describe how the issues in the film are germane(predicate) to organizational and personal ethics.



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