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Go to to see the list of “white collar” crimes that the FBI investigates. Use this site and google to research and write explanations for the following. Use your own words – copy and paste and you will receive a zero.

______ 10 pts: Explain what are the common type of cases investigated by the FBI (summarize first 3 paragraphs of website)

______ 10 pts: 4 examples of corporate fraud and their definitions (example – insider trading, late trading, kickbacks, obstruction of justice etc…

______ 5 pts: What is the SEC? What are some other agencies that the FBI has formed partnerships with to fight fraud?

______ 10 pts: What is money laundering? Explain the three steps.

______ 5 pts: Describe securities and commodities fraud – (make sure you define securities and commodities).

______ 10 pts: Choose two of the common types of investment fraud schemes (Ponzi, pyramid, prime bank investment, and advance fee) and describe them.

______ Find an example of a white collar crime solved by the FBI in the news and describe the following:

o        20 pts: Describe the crime – who are the players, what did they do that was illegal, how were they caught? EXPLAIN Specifically, what type of crime was committed (money laundering, pyramid scheme, etc)

o        10 pts: What were the consequences of the crime – who was affected financially, emotionally, and what were the legal consequences, etc.

o        5 pts: Research the skills that are required of accounts. What skills (accounting skills were needed to solve this crime? EXPLAIN and give examples of how these would skills help solve the crime.

______ 5 pts: List of websites used other than the given FBI website

______ 10 pts: Used professional language, grammar, organization and structure












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