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School Uniform

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There have been many debates on students wearing school uniforms. Kindergarten through twelfth grade students should wear school uniforms as well as the teachers. Mandating school uniforms can bring about significant changes in the school environment. Wearing uniforms can lead to a better school environment, increased learning, and decreasing student behavior problems.

When students wear the uniforms they are not being judged by what they wear or what they look like. The child doesn't have to worry about being picked on for not having the latest trendy item or designer. Wearing school uniforms completely eliminates that problem. Students and teachers wear the exact same thing some that a child cannot be made fun of or judged based on what they look like. Also, uniforms help identify strangers that may come in the building. If all the students and faculty members are wearing uniforms strangers will easily be identified that could be a possible threat to the safe school environment.

Secondly, school uniforms lead to an increase in students learning and their attitude toward school. Students will not be distracted by sensual clothing that other students might wear, or bright and exotic outfits. Their learning environment has been enhanced because the students are all wearing the same thing. Some students take hours at night picking out what they are going to wear in the morning to school. This takes away from their time they could be working on homework or preparing for an upcoming test. Because the student has a uniform they no longer have to worry about spending time picking out outfits.

Finally, uniforms would save money in the student's household. Although not having uniform restrictions allows for student expression, it can also be very costly. Peer pressure to wear trendy clothes can cause students to not be solely focused on school, but worry primarily on their appearance and whether they will be judged or accepted. School uniforms would eliminate the need to purchase clothes constantly and save money in the end.

In conclusion, student uniforms are not a bad idea. They bring about a better school environment in the grand scheme of things. They can lead to safer schools, increasing student's focus, and decreasing the importance of appearance.



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