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School Uniforms Should Be Worn

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Essay Preview: School Uniforms Should Be Worn

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School uniforms are the only items that can raise the schools power and popularity. Every school has a different uniform. That is how people recognize, learn or judge a school by it's cover. If there were no uniforms, students would be panicking everyday about what they're going to wear, or their economic situation would show and students wouldn't feel comfortable. Uniforms not only represent the school but they also make the students look equal and it makes it easier for teenagers to not have to choose an outfit for everyday.

Clothing is very important to older students. Almost noone wants to wear the same thing everyday. Either they want to look good to the opposite sex or they are obsessed with fashion, also there is the group that doesn't care. When school uniforms come up they won't be having a crisis everyday. Uniforms make lives easier.

Students represent the school wearing their uniforms in every minute of their lives. People may judge the school because of the behavior that the student is showing inside or outside the school. If a person sees a student that is acting in way that people would or would not accept outside the school, they would have a good or bad first impression about the school, not only the child. So it is the student's responsibility to act appropriately in the society.

Uniforms are equalizers. Some families in rich schools who have a scolarship may not be happy with their economic situation. That's why the clothes that some students wear to school may not be very nice or it may not be a brand. In this generation, teenagers are mostly fond of well-known brands. In a situation like that, the student would not be comfortable with the clothes he or she is wearing. So uniforms hide the parts of some student's lives which they are not very proud of.

Every student has a way to express themselves. Fashion may be the insturment that the student chooses to make him or herself be noticed. It's not like students have a choice but they may not like the uniforms, they may think that they are not comfortable. So, they have to have a right to not wear a uniform. Without uniforms, students can be more free and they can express themselves without having anything else.

School's are formal places and they have to be represented to other people in a right way and that can only be done through the student's behavior. If a student is not happy with the clothes she or he owns, it may feel much better to wear a uniform instead of the clothes that the student choses. No teenager wants to wear the same clothes everyday or they don't need to have a crisis thinking about what to wear every morning. So uniforms are the apparatus that represent the school with the help of the student, they are the items that doesn't show the families' economic situation and they are the goods that help a student chose what to wear



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