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Exploratory Essay

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Exploratory essay.

With abuse and disrespect paramount on our streets, is youth really wasted on our young?

Youth is not being wasted on the young and abuse and disrespect defiantly is not paramount on our streets. There have been quite a few older people suggesting that "youth" is wasted on the young suggesting that there are no good things that the younger people are doing for them. They are saying that all young people are disrespectful and abusive, but that is in fact not the case. There are more young people doing extremely good things and being productive members of society than there are disrespectful and irresponsible young people. Is youth ever really wasted? And why is it that we are only focusing on the negative people rather than the young people that really are trying to use their youth to the maximum? Youth is not really wasted on the young, how can it be? It is the fact that you are young to be youthful.

Studies have shown that Australia's young people present a positive picture, showing how important young people are to our country. A study was done by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations which found that overall the youth of Australia are seen to be very positive and to be well worth investing in for our countries future (DEEWR, 2009). We should also be helping our young people to develop and grow. ( Rather than the focus being completely on the bad or misbehaved youth we need to look at the good like those that serve in the army or the ones that help out to feed the homeless or simply the young people that do have a lot of respect for the people around them. The youth of Australia will one day be the leaders of our country shouldn't they be allowed to enjoy it while they can? By the government seeing the youth in a positive way shouldn't we all? After all without the youthfulness that young people have would there be a future for us? Granted there are some young people that are not always the perfect little angels but who is always good?

It has been seen that kids from rural areas that are dropouts are more likely to become alcohol abusers and then they may become abusive due to the amount of alcohol they have consumed. But this still is a very generalised statement that really does not support all of the youth of Australia. It has been seen that these people abuse others because they themselves have been abused and it normally is an underlying thing. (Kenny, DT & Schreiner, I, 2009) These people just think that it is normal and that everyone does it, but unfortunately the world around them see it as they are just aggressive, disrespectful people but it is not always the case. There are always exceptions to this though, there are some people that are rude and just generally not nice people but they are the exceptions. The generalisation should be of the good young people not the bad. There



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