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My Self and Personality - a Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: My Self and Personality - a Personal Essay

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My Self and Personality

We’re living in a world, where each object has individually its own properties. Likewise, I am considered an object with some properties. We are each separate and distinct entities from others, other objects and other people. I remember always being asked to describe myself, but I honestly never had a straight-forward answer. When we were young, we used to categorize ourselves according to our age, gender and size because we realised that everyone is different; however, as we grew up, we began to categorize ourselves according to even more specific internal features. The more we grow up, the more we start comparing ourselves to others in a way not like before.  One of the positive ways of categorizing people is according to the personality type.

This personality type is based on something called the MBTI assessment. Basically, this assessment depends on 4 factors: the way you prefer to gain energy, gather information, make decisions and live your life. A couple of weeks ago I discovered I was an ISTJ. I tested the accuracy of the results by having close friends take the assessment so that I could compare the results to my own assumptions. No one was as impressed. I am a quiet-reserved person. Honestly, extroverts get on my nerves and people who talk and talk and talk for nothing, very draining and exhausting to be around these people. I thought I was crazy before MBTI but now I just understand I'm surrounded by extroverts and feelers practically ALL the time. Though, I am glad I’ve took this assessment because now I can at least understand why a type other than mine acts in such attitude, which drains my energy. Yet, I am still trying my best to get along with those people, having the opposite type of me.

It’s important to know how our brain works in order to have a better understanding about our types and personalities. I never knew there was such things called left and right brains. Eventually, I learnt that our brain sides could differ, but by different strategies and one side could be dominant over the other. Our brain is divided into 2 parts, the right brain and the left brain. People having their left-brain dominant over the right one tend to be more logical and organized while people with their right brain dominant are seen to be creative and emotional. Me for example, I always loved writing and playing my piano, but the thing is I was never good at math. This shows that I am more of a right-brained person than a left-brained one; however, I never said that right-brained people aren’t cable of achieving what a left-brained dominant person can do. In fact, although I find some difficulties understanding mathematical concepts, but most of the time, I get very good grades. This shows that even though, I am more of a right-brained person, I still get decent grades at math. In other words, it’s just about how hard I work for it, nothing more than that. A person with his left brain being dominant can achieve the same results as mine but by doing half of the work I did.



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