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Self Evaluation Essay

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Self Evaluation Essay ;)

This term my writing has greatly improved. The CLR format has made it really easy to write good thesis sentences and I have tried to implement that into my writing. Also the PIE structure of body paragraphs helps make sure that my evidence is relevant and proving my point and that it all works its way back to my main claim.

Although my writing has gotten much better, there are still many things that I need to work on. I need to always make sure to have transitions between paragraphs because many times my paragraphs don't flow into each other. This is seen in Hiroshima, and in Defending Abigail. My later essays though, improved in that area as well.

Another major issue I have to work on is making sure that everything I write is relevant to the main topic. Sometimes without realizing it, I go off on a bit of a tangent that may confuse the reader. When I write now, I try to keep it mind to make sure that my body paragraphs keep returning to the overall argument.

Some of my essays did not give a clear analysis of what the writing required, and that's my last major writing fault that I feel I should improve on.

From this semester's writing class I have found hidden strength in me that I didn't know I possess. I realized that I can write a fairly well written essay with hardly any effort, and I can write a really good one if I try to. I never knew that I was able to write well, but my confidence in my writing abilities has improved immensely.

My best essay I wrote this year was definitely my sat essay. As a whole it was clear and concise and answered the question. As an overall whole, it was a very well written essay and I feel that a lot of the techniques that we learned this term were implemented in it.

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