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Self Inventory Essay

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Self Inventory essay

Personalities determine many things. They define who we are and how we interact with others. It also helps shape our future. How can we find our personalities? Only you can decide. However, personality assessments may lead you in the right direction.

Many of my assessment results were astounding. I discovered new values that I didn't know about before. I am very honest and enjoy success, adventures and relationships with friends, family and others. I am a dominant yet structured person, so I can lead, but I can also work well with others.

I agree completely with all of my results. I love being trusted by others. I also like to try new things as well as being successful. I love earning money and using it to help the less fortunate. Plus, I tend to look out for my friends and family and work well with them.

I can use the information that I have found throughout my life. When I get a job, I will be able to work with the other employees and not get into arguments. If I volunteer, I can help people more efficiently because of my helpful personality. School and home are also excellent places to express my unique personalities.

In the end, I have leaned much from the assessments that were given to me. How will this affect me? I know that now that I have these values with me forever. I can spend my time now exploring my personalities further so as to gain from them more.



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