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Self Paper

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Introduction letter

17 August 2011

In my past language arts classes I have prospered and done well because language arts is a subject that I've always enjoyed. My strengths are that I can follow directions and produce quality work every time when I give effort. I love reading and writing so it makes language classes easier and more fun. My weaknesses are that I can be chatty if around friends and sometimes don't finish homework, but I plan to change that this year. I have strong reading skills and good writing skills. In class this year I plan to do all my homework and study hard for tests. I'm going to take notes in class and ask questions when I need too. These are all ways I plan to achieve my goals for success in class. Outside of the classroom I am a tri-sport athlete playing football, baseball, and wrestling. I plan to switch from baseball to lacrosse just to try new things this year. I have two older brothers nineteen and seventeen named Ryan and Collin and a 12 year old sister named Shannon. I love Chicago and I'm a huge Whitesox fan and bears fan. I have season tickets to the Sox, Bears, and Blackhawks. I love snowboarding and the beach and listen to rock music like The Fray and rap like Mac Miller. I plan to work hard this semester and EARN my grade this year.

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