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Self-Reflection Essay

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Essay Preview: Self-Reflection Essay

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Midterm Individual Essay

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Yasin Efe

28th October 2018 – Global Strategy - 2VL60NAK05M

Table of Contents

Introduction        1

Key Contributions        1

Knowledge        2

Team-Work Skills        2

Skill Development        2

Conclusion        3


        First couple of months in Budapest was full of introductions. Introduction to a new university life with all new courses, lecturers, peers, and challenges. Moreover, introduction to a new city, new dynamics, and new me. I can consider this time interval as pretty fruitful and flourishing when it comes to my personal development and academic knowledge cumulation. I feel confident to state that since I feel more and more confident when it comes to applying what I’ve learned so far during this term and harmonizing what I learned here with previous knowledge. I’ve become a better team player and communicator in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Contributions

        I’d like to start with the roles that I’ve taken during the case analyses I conducted with my team. I’ve experienced that I had been leading the desk research and literature team within the team thanks to the access that I had to many online sources through my home university’s VPN network. Combining my previous case analysis knowledge with current case’s challenges I had been curating articles and information for my team to work on and further support our findings. Sometimes it was joyful to see that I could bring an infographic and a piece of information with from company’s annual report together and come up with a great value to the solution we had been preparing.

        With Wine World case study, I had the opportunity to use my knowledge on Wine and Viniculture thanks to my active three-year membership of Gastronomy and Degustation Club during my bachelor’s degree. It helped our team to grasp some issues better and analyze the historical roots behind French wines’ reputation.

        My team’s MNE presentation was another opportunity for me to apply a theory that I’ve learned before. Thanks to the strategic management course I took previously, as a team we were able to perceive the company’s strategy from a theoretical perspective too.


        I’ve gained hands-on experience with theoretical frameworks thanks to the case analyses. Subsequently, I’m feeling more comfortable to apply them with further cases. I believe that I’ve acknowledged a highly valuable and useful practice of corporate-level strategy with my team MNE presentation. Both case studies were fruitful in terms of new perspective on emerging competitors and competition challenges, branding, and emerging and mature market differences within the scope of globalization.



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