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Swot Analysis

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To be well informed about your company, you have make a swot-analysis. The swot analysis provides information about four important points about the company. The four points are; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The strengths and weaknesses provide you information about the capabilities and the limitations of the company. What is good or what can be improved to be more profitable. The strengths and weaknesses are part of the internal analysis.

Beside strengths and weaknesses there are opportunities and threats. Opportunities show you within the external environment situations or factors what can improve your market position. On the other hand you have threats what will indicate the situations or factors in the business environment what will weaken your business.

Below you can find the SWOT-matrix for La Savonnerie.


- Personalized product concept P. 3

- Unique, healthy and high-quality product P. 5

- Difference in price P. 5

- Well Located P. 6

- High valued customer relationship P. 6

- Good customer service P. 7 Weaknesses

- No promotion P. 6

- Limited personnel/employee training

P. 7


- Export to create new growing stage P. 13

- Increasing market P. 19


- High competiveness P. 17-



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