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The Colonists Essay

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The Colonists developed their sense of identity and Unity as Americans in multiple different ways and in these documents it shows. There's Document A which shows kind of what we're about, Document E which shows our Government we like. Finally, there is document G which showed how we worked money around. These all helped shape the American Identity we have today, good or bad.

    With Document A it shows a picture of a snake all cut up into pieces. At the top of the picture it says “JOIN or DIE” in big bold letters, and it shows we’re not messing around. This picture shows how much we are about unity and the lengths we are willing to go to get it. The snake represents the states and how do they function without the rest of its body. Unity was a big problem in the time of the Colonists, and this was a good way to prove a point and the severity of their situation.

    The second Document E is how we got a part of our Government and what we needed. This was put together by the Representatives of the United Colonies, and it was to take up arms against the against the British. This was put here to protect our liberties and not live as slaves (ironically) for the British to do what they want with the colonies. This was done so we would protect all our liberties and so we wouldn’t have to live under the tyranny of a king.

    The Final Document G shows how we cared for one another and helped each other out.

Colonies would donate to each other and help essentially with problems. The ones listed are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and within those are multiple colonies that donated food, building material, even money. This showed how we cared for one another and if one Colonie were in need of supplies, the others would pitch in so they wouldn’t fail.

In conclusion, we all helped each other (at one point in time) when we needed it. We were willing to give our lives for what we believed in which shaped our Identity and unity. This is where we get a lot of the hard work mentality from and our unalienable rights. We all care about help in great times of need, and this unites us in a certain way that other parts of the world will not understand.  



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