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The French and Indian War Dbq

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Essay Preview: The French and Indian War Dbq

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The French and Indian war altered the political, economic and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies in many ways. The seven year wars lead to Britain ending salutary neglect with its American colonies so Britain could keep more control over the colonies, this in the long run sparked protest and the unity of Britain's colonies in a revolution. Most Americans felt that the taxation without representation and all of the other acts that Brittan's parliament passed because of the seven year war violated human liberties because of the extent of the acts passed; to give an example those acts forced American people to pay unlawful taxes, give a house, food, clothing to Brittan's solders and lastly took land away from the eager to expand and explore Americans. These are some reasons why the French and Indian war led to the demise of Brittan's American colonies.

After the French and Indian war Britain gained complete control on land west of the Appellation Mountains (document A) witch Americans thought they would be able to go out and settle and explore. All of this land that Britain had gained from the French because of a victory in the war was in Americans eyes a way to further expand a fur trade with Native Americans in the Great lake region and also because of the population increase Americans were looking for more land to settle. There was one thing that stopped colonists from doing all those things and that was the Indians. Native Americans in Pontiac's rebellion attacked forts and settlements all along the frontier witch led to them killing thousands of settlers and British soldiers. In the end of this rebellion both side were hurt Natives because British used dieses to kill many Indians but also for the British because this led to less fur trade and very unhappy Americans because shortly after Britain's parliament passed the proclamation line of 1763 witch stopped colonial expiation pass the Appellation Mountains into newly gained land. The proclamation line was passed because British did not want to anger the Native Americans any more than they already have. One Indian was quoted as saying in a speech "We must insist in your removing them (Americans) as you know they have no right to settle". (Document B) This showed that Indians were fed up with our expansion into new lands. Britain passed the proclamation line to protect Brittan's fur trade and keep its colonist closer to its mother country for easier control of the colonist.

Now Brittan was in need of revenue from the colonies to pay off the debts gained from The French and Indian war. This led to the end of salutary neglect witch was a time period when Britain had little to do with the colonies and let them run on their own. Britain's next move was to strictly enforce mercantilism witch is the theory that to have a successful economy you need to export more than you import but in this case the American



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