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The French and Indian War

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The war drove the French out of the American colonies. It left Great Britain broke and desperate for revenue. Britain imposed a series of taxes on the colonies to try to offset some of the costs of the war. But the American economy was also struggling, and the new taxes caused great resentment. Ironically, the struggle pushed the colonies into the arms of France and led to the revolution and the independence of the US.

economical is the easiest: The french and Indian war changed the economical relations between Britain and her colonies tremendously. in fact it became the largest reason for the outbreak of the American Revolution. The british needed to pay off thier war debts from F+I war, so they began to tax the colonies mercilessly. Im sure u know the names of all the taxes.

Ideological: The American colonists changed ideologically in a big way as well. this mostly began after the taxing did, and it was encouraged by Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Colonists changed thier ideology about staying loyal to the mother country and began drifting toward rebellion. if it werent for this ideological change in the beginning, im pretty sure we'd all have british accents right now.

and finally, politically: the french and indian war led to political strain between America and Britain because of the taxes that were rising from the war. The british, up to that point, had pretty much let the colonists be and do whatever they wanted. Afterwards though, salutary neglect ended, and one of the largest fueds between the two countries politically was the colonists' representation in parliament. The british claimed that they gave Americans some sort of "implied" representation (i cant remember the exact term) but the americans knew this was bull and they weren't about to take it



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