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French and Indian War

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French and Indian War

The British and the colonists had disagreements about the military strategy, which affected the relationship between them. The French and Indian war established the Treaty of Paris 1763 after the war and each country got different parts of the land. Great Britain stationed their troops in the colonies and caused the colonists to want to remove them out of their country.

The main cause of the war was more territory and the wealth. The French wanted more land for trade and to make more trading posts for trappers. They had an organized colonization and the government was centralized for everything. The English settlers wanted land for permanent settlement and for religious and economic reasons. As a result, they had disorganized governments and no single leader. The colonies were not organized, and so they did not have an organized army or anything at all. The British left their troops in the colonies for their protection, but the colonists didn't like it at all.

After the war, the Treaty of Paris 1763 was established and the French was expelled from the country and then the Spanish moved in. The British dominated North America and had the strongest navy in the world. They also had a huge debt from the war. The colonists were proud of their militia and started mixing together for battles. This also led to idea that the British could be defeat. France lost everything that they owned in North America and Spain ends up controlling New Orleans and the area west of the Mississippi.

Once the war ended, the relationship between the British and the colonies vanished because Britain was taxing the colonies to help pay the debt. Great Britain started taxing the colonies for tea and sugar. The colonies did not like the taxes and therefore, started to see their mother country as an enemy. Due to the high taxes, there were several different acts passed. The English settlers started to despise the British, which led to the Revolutionary War.



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