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The Needs of the People

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Yaritza Payamps

December 4, 2011

Prof. Caroline White

Final Essay

Final Essay: "My First Semester at MCPHS"

In this first semester here at MCPHS I have discovered so much not only about myself but about my future. Though I have not completely gotten the swing of things I do feel like im growing into that mature student. I have had many struggles but I have also gone through many fun experiences here at the college. There are many ways I will be able to improve myself and I am looking forward to the next semester.

High school and college are two completely different worlds. The change was something that took time to get used to but I am definitely enjoying my college experience. One of the major differences between college and high school was the difficulty of the work. In high school it felt like it was easier to get that 'A' grade. Before there were very few tests that I would have to study for, here in college I have started studying for test 4 days before the test day comes. I must say that my time management has improved a whole lot more thanks to this. Between writing papers or just hanging with friend s I have learned that there is a right time for everything as long as you learn to manage your time correctly.

When I got accepted to MCPHS I saw that I was not accepted into my intended major. I came here determined to work hard and transfer into the Pharm D program. Now after this first

semester and finding my options I have changed my mind and decided to stick with healthcare business major. Being in the first year seminar I have learned the many different opportunities that this major has for me. I am excited to keep learning and growing with this major to find my true calling in this field. I am interested in going to research side of things but again my mind could change once again.

One change that I see all students go through is becoming more independent. I live off campus but I still feel like I myself have been doing a lot more things that I wasn't used to doing. I am leaning to manage my own money and taking control of my expenses. I no longer have someone there telling me what to buy or how much to spend. Now when I need to find something out or if there is an errand that has to be done I am the one that does it I. I'm more in control of my education and everything that goes along with it. You no longer have your parents there making sure you are waking up and going to class every day. It all depends on what you do by yourself as a student.

While I was a senior I could not believe that was was going to be leaving high school. I had heard so many bad stories about college and I was definitely terrified of it. I was expecting to stay up late at night studying for exams and writing twenty page papers. The first week was a little stressful. I really felt like I wasn't going to be able to make it. Little by little I started making friends and getting adjusted to the school and I was glad that college was getting easier for me. I haven't had a twenty page paper and the latest I have stayed up for a test is one am. This scary place is now somewhere I enjoying coming to everyday and will look forward to coming to in later years.

I have discovered many good things about myself as well. I have noticed that I am very responsible about money. Ever since coming



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