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The Teenage Condition

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Essay Preview: The Teenage Condition

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As a teenager, I am glad to be alive. Sometimes my life is so exciting but at other times it can be boring. I often think a lot about myself, and often wonder who I am or where I am going. Sometimes I feel I cannot control my emotions and I need to go somewhere private to think quietly by myself.

Teenage years are years of change: a movement from childhood to adolescene, from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Even though it is a time to exploring, experimenting and adapting to new experiences, it can be quite frightening.

As I grow, I want to feel free to exercise rational though and free will. If I show kindness to someone less fortunate than myself or help my mother with housework, it is because I really want to do it and not because I am forced to do it.

As a teenager I sometimes wish that I knew everything and had the answer to every question. I reality, I know it will never happen. The thruth is, everyday of my life, there is something more to learn, something more to understand and to explore, something that will motivate and inspire me to be a better human being. This makes life exciting and worthwhile and I look forward to the breaking of a new dawn.

I know my parents show their love for me in different ways. Sometimes they are friendly and listen well. They also make a lot of sacrifices to give me better education, holidays and outings. At times my parents show thier love in ways I do not recognise easily.

They often seem annoyed, disappointed and dissatisfied with my performance in school. They are always urging me to make more acceptable friends and to seek more out of life. I despair sometimes when I see my parents determination to make sure that I make more of my life than they have done. It is not easy to understand their attitude but I guess if I try to look deeper , I may begin to see the reasons for their behaviour. When my parents ask a lot of questions and even seem to be checking up on me, perhaps it is a sign that they care?

Meanwhile, I am still exploring and experimenting, still learning about life and about myself. I believe right now the most important thing to remember is that I am unique and I am only young once. So, I am going to enjoy my teenage years and make choices that will ensure a happy future for myself.



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