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Theatre Essay

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Kevin mcdonald the director of 'One Day in September' has created another documentary called Touching The Void. Kevin Mcdonald got the idea to make a documentry on Touching The Void Simon Yates who wrote the book of the same name after he went through this life experince. Kevin got three actors by the names of Brenden Mackey who played the role of Joe Simpson, Nicholas Aaron who played the role of Simon Yates and Ollie Ryall who played Richard Hawking . Simon Yates and Joe Simpson were the 2 main people in this film review as these events mainly happened to them. This trip was to climb an extremley dangerous and high mountains names Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes.

The two guys set out on a trip to climb this mountain. They had three days worth of gas to cook their food whilst climbing up and down the mountain. They had reached the top of Siula Grande with in two days of the the climb. On the way back to the bottom of the mountain a horrific accident occured which changed the mens lives forever.

Joe and Simon were hooked onto each other by a rope and as they were coming down Joe had fallen a small distance. But in that short distance he had broken his leg in many different places. They two young men had no hope of rescue so Simon started to lower Joe down the mountain roughly about 300ft at a time in a snow. However joe did not storm not to realize he was slowly lowering Joe into a crevass. Simon then started feeling a pulling motion slowly pulling him towards the ground and he thought that Joe had died and he was just a dead weight. So simon was left with a tough decision to either cut the rope or get dragged down the mountain to a certain death. So he made a descision to cut the rope.

After simon had cut the rope he made his way back down to the camp going over in his head if he had made the wrong descision. Simon did not know that joe had actually survived the fall. Joe was determined to defeat the coldness and the thought of dying, he was set on getting back to base camp. He had timed how far he would get each time in a certain period of time. He had soon reached about 500m away from base camp and just layed there thinking he was going to die alone. He started yelling out to see if anyone could hear him but no one answered. But simon had woken up not knowing if he was just dreaming, then joe had yelled out again and simon got dressed and went out of the tent and started walking and kept yelling out to joe. They soon found each other and they were extremley happy to know that joe wasnt dead and or dying alone. They were at peace at last.

Touching the void is not a documentray I would refer teenagers and younger to watch as it is not really a documentary that would stand out to teenagers and children. Touching The Void is more for older people as they have more feeling towards it. They would understand how much more serious this documentary is. Yes it is very confronting but coming from a teenager



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