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Training Request

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Training request

I have worked for ***** for nearly two years I am keen to progress within the company, to do this I believe I would benefit in receiving some training to strengthen the skills I already have and develop them further. I have found a foundation degree course in Business at Farnborough College which I believe would suit my needs to develop me further in my role; the course is designed to give me a broad overview in all aspects of business via a number of modules which are completed throughout the course. I think a course of this nature would really benefit me as it would show me all areas of the business including areas which I currently have little or no experience in; I would therefore gain a greater understanding in the different parts of the business and how the work, which would help me to assist these areas better going forward in my administration role.

The course would take me two years to complete at Farnborough College, upon completion of the course I would receive a Foundation Degree in Business. There are then other options I could take to upgrade it to a full degree or focus on a specific subject should I or the business wish. The course would require me to attend college from 1 - 8.30pm on Mondays during term time and requires 8-10 hours a week study time a week; this includes the time spent at college. To attend the course I would therefore propose that I would finish work on a Monday at 12:30 to attend college, this would be half of my study time per week, and I would then happily complete the rest of my study in my own time outside of work.

I am really keen to develop my skills and to progress within the business; I believe that this course would give me a great introduction into all areas of the business and therefore improve my skills which I am able to offer the business in my administration role going forward.

Course Details

Foundation Degree In Business

Farnborough College of Technology

Course Outline

In part-time mode this course can be completed in just over two years and is designed to provide a broad education in general business. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded a University of Surrey Foundation Degree (FdA). The programme covers the main aspects of business (marketing, HRM, finance, economics, law, data management etc). Throughout the course particular attention is paid to improving transferable and interpersonal skills. Added value: Modules on the degree programme have been specifically designed to cover many of the requirements of specific professional qualifications such as Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), The Chartered Management Institute (CMI), The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and The Chartered



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