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Video Games

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In today's society, the mass media is everywhere. It has become an integral part of people's lives. So many people often fail to recognize the vital impact the mass media has on all aspects of society. One type of media that has become a popular form of entertainment among children, as well as adults, is video games. Consequently, children are now investing lots of their time and energy in front of television sets, acquiring the skills needed to master a particular game. This brings about a major concern among parents and legislators that playing violent games excessively might negatively influence their behavior. Grand Theft Auto is a great example of the violent content present in most video games. It rewards its players for stealing cars, killing innocent bystanders, and murdering prostitutes In 1999, two students at Columbine High School in Colorado, went on a shooting spree, killing twelve students and one teacher, while wounding twenty-three. In 1998, two students from Jonesboro, Arkansas, set off fire alarms and began shooting at students and teachers as they fled the buildings. Both of these incidents were attributed to the teens "addiction" to violent video games (Baran, 2010, p. 255). Whether it is violence on television, or movies, there are many contributing factors that encourage violent behavior. Video games are just one part of the problem. With the constant exposure to violence, children will tend to become immune to the acts of violence. As a result, children might assume that using violence is a good way to handle their problems.


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