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Violence and Video Games

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Essay Preview: Violence and Video Games

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Violence and Video Games

In the article Video Game Addiction I read that violent video game effect people. Children can play something than want to act it out to see exactly how it's done. Playing a violent game that shoots or cut others can sometimes make children have certain ideas. Once children get an idea in their head they go get their toys and act them out with their friends. Parents should monitor their children.

In this article the author said that school shootings in recent years have been carried out by violence from video games. Video games have been around for quite some time now but only in the 1980's is when violence began to increase. In these violent video games people get rewarded for harming others. Well when children play these games they are being taught that if you harm someone its ok you will just get a reward. In real life experience if you harm someone you go to jail. Children do not understand the difference between violence in a video game and in the real world simply because the game teaches them that it's ok. Well when an adult choose to play these games they understand the difference but yet choose to harm others.

The question is do those who play already have violent tendencies? The article states that people who spend a lot of time playing violent games tend to be violent. This is not always the case. A person can already be violent before even picking up a controller. It's not the violent video games that make people harm others. Some people can have mental illness or some can just be insane. Keep in mind that mental and insane have two different meanings. Mental deals with a person's mind and insane means craziness, madness, and etc. when these games were made it were for people to have fun not to harm others.

In the above paragraphs you have been informed about violence and video games. Violence and video games can affect people in major ways but video games are not the only reason for violence. Violence can occur simply from someone who has mental problems. Violence can occur from someone who is insane. Violence can occur from many different things in many different ways but video games plays a huge factor in violence. Reason for this is because young children today once they play a video game or see something on television they want to act it out. We can't just blame video games for violent behavior simply because a parent is supposed to teach their child or children right from wrong. If children have someone to monitor them while they play these games and teach them that violence is not ok than violent rates may decrease.



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