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Web Development & Javascript, Java, Dom, Ajax, Dhtml, & Cookies

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Essay Preview: Web Development & Javascript, Java, Dom, Ajax, Dhtml, & Cookies

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Web Development & JavaScript, Java, DOM, AJAX, DHTML, & Cookies

Open Source JavaScripts Scripts: JavaScript is a scripting language most often used for client-side web development. It is a code of scripting languages that is designed for use with a web page and also on a web server. JavaScript scripts are by far the most popular for the web. The user can integrate just about anything that is being displayed in the web page. JavaScript is used in millions of Web pages to add functionality, validate forms, detect browsers, and much more. Although best known for its use in websites (as client-side JavaScript), JavaScript is also used to enable scripting access to objects embedded in other applications. JavaScript effects also download a lot faster than some of the other technologies including Flash and Java Applets. In commercial settings JavaScript is an excellent solution for implementing, say cross browser support, validating input forms from the clients side, for instance if the user forgets to enter some needed information JavaScript's validation function can pop up a message stating some user information is required. This is very helpful in commercial settings that have forms online for customers to fill out. JavaScript also excels in the creation of dynamic effects such as rollover images and scripted slideshows, where its use has become popular. That is, JavaScript runs inside the clients browser which can be used to change the appearance of the users screen after the page has been sent by the server. This allows it to create some impressive dynamic image effects.

JavaScript is interpreted and run from the browser where as Java Applets are compiled then run from the Java virtual machine. In order to call the JavaScript code, the user will need to link to the file, which in turn opens a plain text editor and then place the JavaScript code within the editor.

Some of the sub categories of JavaScript scripts are as follows:

Banner Rotation; Banner and Link Slideshow is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to create a slideshow of your banner advertisements, including links. License: Freeware, Operating System: All.

The Buttons scripts that are listed below are all free source and work on all operating systems .

Buttons: Animated Buttons, These buttons let you generate appealing menus with impressive mouse over and color-fade effects. Image Web Buttons, These buttons let you generate appealing menus with impressive mouse over and color-fade effects. Website Buttons, Website Buttons is a fast loading script that allows you create attractive menus and buttons, without the need for separate graphics files. Fly in Ad Script, Fly-in Ads Creator does not require you to install anything on your computer and is compatible with all the major browsers. Free Mouseover Help Box - JavaScript, A very simple and powerfull Mouseover Help Box javascript. Correct RollOver Button, Rollover (Mouseover) is one of the most simple and at the same time the most frequently occurring script on web-pages. Print Page Link, A very simple and powerful Print Page Link JavaScript. Smooth Image Buttons, With this script your button can have up to 4 states, none, over, down, and up. This makes the button feel more real than a simple mouse over. In addition the buttons only use one image.

Searching the internet for Open Source JavaScript scripts, I have seen a remarkable amount that is listed



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