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Why We Need to Ban High Capacity Magazines in Guns

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Essay Preview: Why We Need to Ban High Capacity Magazines in Guns

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With the recent shooting of Congress Women Gabriel Gifford and six others here in Arizona. The question has come as to whether or not to ban the use of high capacity magazines as a solution to control violence in relation to guns. Is banning these high capacity magazines enough or should there be more done then this. Should there be tougher back ground process when purchasing a gun. There needs to be more done in checking out a person's mental status along with a ban on high capacity magazines.

It seems like every time a television is turned on; or a newspaper is read there is a story about a mass shooting. These shooting seem to always involve a lot of shots being fired in a short amount of time. In almost all of the shooting which involve a mass amount of people you here that there was a high capacity magazines used. It also usually involves a person that has some sort of mental issues that have been going on for awhile. It should not have taken a tragedy like the recent shooting to start talking about a ban on these high capacity clips. These shooting will continue to happen as long we do not put measures in place to try to prevent this in the future.

In the past decade or so there have been many incidents where a large number of people have been injured or killed from the use of guns being fired into group of people. The use of high capacity magazines has made it easier for the suspects to fire more rounds of ammunition into a crowd; in a quicker amount of time; without having to reload as often. For this reason a lot more people are being injured and killed. Another reason for this style of mass shooting seems to be the suspect's mental status. Pretty much all of the mass shooting suspect's were battling a mental illness like depression and other forms of mental illnesses. After all of these tragedies there is always an investigation which shows that the suspect's all had warning signs that lead up to these shootings. We have had so much death and injury from all of these tragedies and now is the time to do something about it. So now the question is; do we really need to have high capacity magazines available to the general public?

There is a clear need for something to be done with these problems. It is time to introduce legislation to not just to ban but make it illegal to possess high capacity magazines on a Federal and State level. The public needs to demand that these high capacity magazines be turned into local law enforcement or face criminal charges. There really is not a need to have a magazine that holds more than the standard ten rounds any ways. There also needs to be a uniform mental evaluation done with the standard background check. With all of these suspect's there were warning signs that lead up to the shootings. So if a mental evaluation was put into place there would be hope that people with mental illnesses could be prevented from owning a gun in the first place. If these



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