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Project Structure

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Title & Organizational Status

Preferred title:

Project Manager

Level in the organization, i.e. reports to:

Project Sponsor

With functional responsibility to the Manager of Project Managers, if such exists

Responsibility - 1

Detailed responsibilities for this position include:

Assemble key players on the project team

Direct, motivate and manage the people

And manage the work and resources involved

Delegate responsibility and task interfaces

Question blurry responsibilities

And manage conflicts to an early resolution

Establish and update plans with actual and forecasts

And manage deviations from plan

Responsibility - 2

Manage and deliver the required product(s)

For each project, phase or stage

Ensure quality is achieved as planned

Deliver to time and cost within agreed tolerances

Balancing the needs of project, client, organization

Report to respective stakeholders

Escalate decisions and any unresolved issues

Conclude the work upon completion

Or premature cessation

Liaise with project's sponsor and/or customer

Ensure the visibility of the Business Case and/or Project Brief, as appropriate

Ensure all project requirements and/or objectives are properly documented

Identify the stakeholders

And verify the Key Success Indicators as the basis for managing the project

Establish or confirm guidelines applicable to the project

Accountability - 2

Obtain and manage all necessary services and competent staff for the project

Approve or recommend all required commitments

And liaise with supplier and contractor representatives

Prepare short-term plans or stage plans as the project progresses




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