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World Real Estate Searches

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World Real Estate Searches (WRES) - Task2


The Real Estate industry is a very big and ever expanding sector of the economy. People are selling and buying homes at an ever-racing speed with the markets rising up on fresh economy lookup also because the market is still a buyers’ market and can get negotiated homes/Foreclosure and Pre-Foreclosure homes.

People are moving across cities and states and even across countries at a rapid pace than ever because of the ever-expanding economy and globalization of the businesses itself. The ever increasing need for people to search and finalize rental or Own Homes has a special need arisen for the industry to be responsive and expansive enough to cover a wide range of areas (cities/States and Countries).

People search for homes using zip codes /city-state names with countries integrated into the same for broader perspective or localizing the search factors. Being Effective and responsive is the keen to business success. The snail mail process of Agent to user interaction is the very reason the business needs to take the next step as an e-business entity and cater the speeds of information exchange which internet offers to reach the wider and vast audience across state and country lines.


Integrating the Objectives from the Task 1 report discussions like, Online Marketing / Social Site integration and Competitor assessment is not fully justified, unless WRES focuses on its next four core and critical business architecture strategies. The strategies in focus are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Strong plans and strategies to cater to its customers in a more informed manner using every bit of CRM capabilities and expand its services using online customer payment systems (e-commerce), and venturing into International markets and forming an international presence.

Strategy for SEO planning and integration is the first step as it solves and maintains the flow of WRES Business plans and still if implemented as a standalone objective will benefit the Company two Fold in Search Engine Ranking and enhancing WRES presence online with a Faster and Quality Website.

SEO Strategies for WRES

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to optimize the website (using code), for the search engines to recognize and capture the changes and rank it higher in search results. Whenever a user tries to search for a real-estate keyword(s) on a search engine such as google/Bing or yahoo and more, it should try to bring back results with WRES among the TOP results. This will help the users find the information fast and that too at WRES site, bringing more traffic and links to the website.

The search engines like Bing/google/yahoo and likes use a special code called internet bot (web crawler) to browse the internet for indexing the webpages.

Several Techniques are used to increase the performance / prominence of the website with the search results.

Update and enhance the WRES website’s landing pages, as those are what the customers use, and help users discover the website / WRES brand.

  • Having Good and quality Content on all the pages.
  • Everyone knows, “content is king”. Having good and quality content is essential for website design, for the user and search engine, to easily find the right information when being searched.
  • Content should be of good quality and meaningful for the user to like it and spend some time on the website without bouncing off it in a matter of second. This optimization will keep the user engaged in the website content and in turn generate trust for WRES.
  • Meta Tags: HTML and XHTML are Meta Tags that are used to provide data about the page to search engine.

Meta tags are a great way for webmasters to provide search engines with information about their sites. Meta tags can be used to provide information to all sorts of clients, and each system processes only the meta tags they understand and ignores the rest. Meta tags are added to the  section of your HTML page and generally look like this:





    Example Books - high-quality used books for children

     (Google Support 2014, Meta Tags )

  • Good Quality content= Relevant Content for the search engine to index it properly based on the keywords in the webpage Meta data and Quality for the user to find exactly what they need and are searching for.
  • Research online for user keyword pattern and content.
  • WRES will spend time researching user keywords patterns using other similar sites, and performing extensive searches as the user would on WRES website as well as competitor sites. This would give a lot of insight into the keyword patterns that can be Meta tagged / included in the Head Code to be used in the website. In addition, using pure common sense about building header for WRES site will help meet the goal.
  • Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.
  • Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. If the site map has an extremely large number of links, you may want to break the site map into multiple pages.” (2014 webmaster Guidelines)
  • Updating content frequently will also let the search engines coming back/crawling frequently will give exposure to the site.

  • Meaningful Website HTML Titles
  • Giving WRES a meaningful TITLE will help the site be search engine friendly as the search engine will be able to meet one of the major indexing factors.
  • Avoid repeating the HTML Titles across website pages and use descriptive titles for every web page.
  • The tags are used to place the title of the webpage on the top of the webpage HTML code.
  • WRES-World Real Estate Search – Property Listing

  • Speed of the WRES website.
  • Efficient Coding is the first step in speeding up the website. Including minimizing the cluster on the Homepage and Other Linked pages to WRES.
  • Use of compressed Images on the webpages, help the overall website to load faster.
  • Remove and replace old and inefficient Code new and efficient coding techniques, to make the load time faster. Use of new programming tools with enhancements will help achieve this goal.
  • The technology is changing at very fast pace and code(s) or coding techniques that were used a couple of years back are somewhat outdated in today’s programming world. Where the same processes required 100 lines of code, now it takes a few lines of code to achieve similar or greater efficiency in applications/websites.
  • Linking together webpages of WRES to provide links to the important webpage will improve the visibility of the website / webpage.
  • Cross Functional browser Site (desktop and Mobile sites) with Multi browser support.
  • Users are using multiple browsers and different ways to access the website, WRES Site should be compatible across browsers like Internet Explorer / Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Use of optimized coding techniques is required and quality tested to assure that the application/website is capable/compatible with running on diff browsers. Enhanced /updated and special coding techniques and tools will be used, which are cross browser friendly.
  • Make sites mobile friendly, as much of the user traffic is using Mobile devices (Mobile phones and Tablets) during the day times as their prime source of information gathering and internet browsing device.

Customer and Company Benefits:

SEO Benefits for the Company.



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