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You're My Best Friend

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If I could summarize my character into three words, I would choose loyal, hard-working, and cheerful.

I am loyal not only to my family, but to my friends and employers as well. If I give someone my word

that I will show up for work or be there to lend a hand, I follow through with what I’ve promised. I have never

missed work for any reason other than a school-related function or practice. I know that any of my current or

previous employers would use the word “dependable” to describe me. My grandma always says “remember

who you are.” I take that to heart and think that being loyal to those I work for and care about also means being

true to my upbringing and representing them well.

I enjoy working hard, whether that is at work, on the football field, or in the classroom. I like the payoff

that comes from persevering. This year I was named an All-Conference football player. That recognition came

from working hard in a sport that I love. I didn’t play football my junior year, so I had some catching up to do

when it came to learning Coach’s offense. I don’t regret one bit of the work I put into football because the

memories and experience will stay with me forever. When I’m not at school or playing sports, you will find me

at work. I am currently employed at a ford dealership where I work in the body shop under the supervision of

Adam Heinrich. I enjoy learning from Adam and working through the challenges I come across. I’ve been

known to pick up extra work on the side, whether that means hanging tobacco at a nearby farm or doing

miscellaneous odd jobs for relatives. My strong work ethic is something that’s going to help me succeed in


I’ve always been told that if you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like a job. I knew a long time ago

that a traditional college education just wasn’t for me. I love hands-on work, so technical school is a great fit. I

grew up on a farm and also enjoy working on cars, so when I started looking for schools, the University of



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